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ancient art of awarness

The Ancient Art of Awareness:
A Journey into Native Philosophy

For countless generations our tribal ancestors cultivated a deep and meaningful relationship with all aspects of the natural world. The elemental forces of nature were their teachers, guides and messengers. This knowledge has not been lost, but stolen from us by a society that has lost its center. It endures, like a set of blueprints - written into your DNA and to reclaim its wisdom is to reclaim your Sacred birthright.

Please consider joining me on a most incredible journey. It is a pathway into the regions of the mind, the heart and the spirit that few in our fast-paced world choose to take. This process is quite old and has withstood the ultimate tests – efficacy and time. It is my intention to create a crucible of learning, research and discovery and to hold this space indefinitely in this ongoing workshop. These skills are important, even urgent as each of us carries a unique and powerful message for the whole.

In this workshop you will learn:

The essence of the ‘Sacred Silence’
 Dynamic meditation
The foundational truths in all belief systems
 Deeper and more authentic communication with nature
Cultivation of your own inner gifts – ‘personal medicine’
The ‘Visionary Process’
Reestablishment of the conscious link to your ancestry
‘Pure’ ceremony
 The Spirit Journey
Dreamtime presence and personal symbology
The path of the Coyote Teacher
 …and so much more

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

From the heart,


When: Tuesdays 7-9:30 p.m. First workshop is Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 with closing ceremony on Tuesday, March 21st, 2016.
Where: Body Language Studio at 4690 Route 209 in Accord, NY
Class Size: Limit 20
Cost: $695.00 per year or $20/week. $595 if you register by March 10th and pay in full. Sliding scale/some work trade available. You can drop the class before the 4th week for a pro-rated refund.
Bring: Notebook, stadium chair (optional), journal and blanket

If you are called to participate, you won’t be turned away due to lack of funds.
Register by email or phone – 18 years or older.

Suggested Reading:
The Vision by Tom Brown Jr.
The Quest by Tom Brown Jr.
Awakening Spirits by Tom brown Jr.
The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson PhD.
The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva
The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu with many translations
Fools Crow: Wisdom and Power by Thomas Mails
A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Casteneda
Life and Teachings of Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding

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